What People Have Said About Because You Can



Victoria Derbyshire

Journalist, BBC TV Victoria Derbyshire Programme

“Gill appeared on my TV news programme campaigning for the drug Kadcyla - a campaign that, because of women like her, was ultimately successful. Her book reflects her personality - filled with common sense and warmth, giving us an insight in to the life of a mother, friend and partner with Stage 4 cancer. Her message - concentrate on what you can do, rather than what you can’t -  is a powerful one relevant to us all.”

Professor Stephen Palmer 

President, International Stress Management Association

“If you want a book about resilience in the face of adversity, this could be the book for you. Although it addresses a challenging topic, the book is uplifting.”

Cath Bishop

Speaker on leadership, resilience, high performance teams, Triple Olympian rower. Former career diplomat

“Powerful, moving, important:  as an executive coach, Gill has more insights than most into how our minds and bodies work, how our beliefs, motivations and mindset affect everything we do.”

Dr Jonathan Passmore

Director, Henley Centre for Coaching and Behavioural Change

“Gill’s positivity, love and sheer bloody grit comes through in this book. She offers hope for all who suffer with a terminal illness; how such a life can be lived, in spite of the discomfort, pain and psychological effects of both the illness and what is to come. But the book offers more than this: this is a book which will make you cry and laugh, all on the same page.”

Angela Dunbar

Author, Clean Coaching

“This frank, funny and informative account tells you what it’s like to be told the worst kind of medical news, and then how to carry on in that aftermath, living life and dealing with it, until it becomes the ‘new normal’. Gill offers insights into very practical problems, like choosing a wig, to positively bizarre ones like breaking out of hospital to go to a rock concert.”

Tim Anstiss

Director, Academy for Health Training

“Gill describes her journey with openness, clarity, insight, warmth, sadness, humour and compassion. She dances between medicine, politics, neuroscience, love, psychology, family, science, work, philosophy and friendship with unusual skill and a deep humanity.”

François Moscovici

Director, White Water Group

“In addition to being a great support to cancer patients like Gill and their families, it will be invaluable to anybody confused about interacting with a friend, colleague or client in the same situation.” 

Linda Aspey

CEO, Coaching for Leaders

“Gill’s gift for story-telling has come into its own in this book – writing almost easefully about the stark reality of a life-limiting cancer diagnosis and the brutal treatment that followed. And, through it all, she somehow manages to retain both her perennial love and concern for others, and her keen sense of humour.”

Hetty Einzig

International Leadership Coach; Author, The Future of Coaching

Editor, Coaching Perspectives magazine

“Life-threatening diseases, especially when terminal, evoke both fascination and denial in the reader. But Gill’s account rises above the drama. The book is personal and informative,and Gill’s gutsy manner – emotionally honest but without self-pity –will bring comfort to every reader.”

Professor Paul Brown

Faculty Professor, Organisational Neuroscience, Monarch Business School, Switzerland

“Only a really great friend who knows she is dying would write in such detail to let you know how it is, with all the day-to-day nonsenses and inconsistencies of a life being newly lived that will nevertheless end in undue time.  Gill writes of those, professional as well as personal, for whom she cares and loves.  No pity or sentimentality here, but at the dying of a light proper rage for the institutional nonsenses that impede its progress. Yet still a resounding final message for life: Because You Can.