First catch your shark 

 I had a list of drugs and supplements from Jane McLelland to manage my particular metastasised breast cancer. She is the author of How to Starve your Cancer and a great authority on off-label drugs and supplements.

 The problem is getting hold of some of these in the UK. Shark liver oil for example. Easy to find shark cartilage oil online, but not the liver oil.

 Knowing that it often easier to buy drugs and pharmaceuticals OTC in other countries I thought I would try my luck in Barbados, where I am currently on holiday. I had some success with the supplements. The pharmacies here are fantastic. Huge range of products and knowledgeable staff. 

 The drugs were a different story. I managed to buy chloroquine, by telling the pharmacist what dosage level I needed. (I suspect nobody really knows.) in the UK my oncologist thought that chloroquine was a great idea and claimed to have seen fantastic results from it. It promotes autopaghy. My GP wouldn’t prescribe it without the oncologist directing it, which he did by letter but didn’t specify a dosage.

 It was early December when I tried to get chloroquine. Early February now and I still didn’t have it , with no guarantee if, when or how to get it in the UK. But I could buy it here.

 The other drugs are more troublesome. They would need a doctor’s prescription and I don’t have time as the doctors who are knowledgeable about cancer are fully booked. And the pharmacists I asked hadn’t heard of Artemesinin, Dipyridamole or Mildonium.

I will get them somehow. Either from a private clinic in the UK or online from something like a Russian site. But all of this Is extremely time consuming (and expensive). I realise that we are in uncharted waters when it comes to fine tuning these supplements and drugs. And I take so many that we’ll never know which ones have or haven’t made a difference. I can’t take them sequentially because I would die first. 

 It shouldn’t be this hard. When are all the CAM (complementary and alternative) going to get their act together? Pool knowledge, including from other countries, and provide the best authoritative guidance. If you look hard into academic papers such as PubMed there is often information about some trials that look promising. But without a commercial incentive most of these are not followed through with bigger trials in humans.

 It will take time and probably a grass roots movement as the public become aware of the options they are not told about. I hope I live to see it.