A Compelling Read

 Gill’s work as a leading UK coach and as former Chair of the Association for Coaching is well known and appreciated. What we haven’t seen until now is a very personal part of Gill revealed via her journey through Stage 4 Breast Cancer in this book. Bravely documenting the ins and outs of the tough journey she undertakes, we discover her true resilience and positivity – even on bad days.

What’s more through the steps she has taken on, at times, this gruelling journey, she can add Campaigner to her list of many accomplishments. Women now and in the future will thank Gill – along with others, including the leading breast cancer charities – for her work in forcing the NHS to continue to provide women with the drug Kadcyla. Thank you, Gill.

A Must Read for Anyone diagnosed with Cancer, and their Family

Gill writes with sheer honesty about her day to day life after a stage IV cancer diagnosis. Through treatment, the effects, the impact on her family and the hurdles she has faced along the way. Once you start reading it really is difficult to put this book down - partly as you want to know what happens next each time you turn the page and also because her strength makes you feel grateful for 'not' having cancer and having to go through the treatment and the after effects of chemo, radiotherapy and drugs. I particularly love the Gill on steroids - really hilarious reading. What an incredible woman.

A wonderfully written book. Definitely a Must Read

This is a beautifully written account of Gill's diagnosis and treatment. She is incredibly honest about her feelings all the way through and despite the shock of her diagnosis she is so sensitive to the feelings of those close to her, family, friends and even her clients.
This book is a must read for anyone who will encounter a family member friend or colleague living with a cancer diagnosis.
I found it a fascinating read and couldn't put it down. Gill gives the reader a gift - some wonderful insights in how to support loved ones through a terminal diagnosis.
Thank you for your bravery and honesty Gill.

An Inspirational Read

This is a moving, sensitively written, very instructive and empowering book which was hard to put down. Gill is a dear friend and as I read it I could hear her voice ringing throughout with her characteristic straightforward honesty. It is a book I would recommend that everyone should read - there are few people whose lives have not been touched by cancer in some way and this book renders both medical and complementary treatments understandable. Its concluding chapter 'What have I learnt?' is full of wisdom. This book has made me feel humble yet braver.

Reality described. Without Drama. With Sensitivity, Feeling and Humour

The book arrived yesterday morning. I started to read it and didn’t put it down. Finished it by midnight.
My goodness - what a read. The way Gill writes is easy to connect with and visualise and imagine; thank you.
I have a lot to think about. Some changes to make.
I stand in awe, even though Gill writes that she doesn’t feel as if she's done anything other than be herself.

Intelligent, Insightful and Humane

A beautifully honest and humane story of facing the reality of life changes and the resources that can then emerge from the darkness. Gill's intelligence, love and depth of character shine through, as do the fine qualities of those close to her.

Brilliant Book

This is such an engaging book - so well written and honest, perceptive and not at all sentimental. I recommend it to everyone, whether or not you have your own cancer connection.

Because You Can - and You Should

An inspirational read - page 123 paragraph 2 probably describes most of us but Gill has articulated it perfectly - we should take care of ourselves not just others